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Replacement copers and tactile works and removal of RVAR
Year - 2013
Client – Tubelines Ltd.
Contact – Chris Hunt
Overall Cost – £300,000

At Wembley Park The removal of a 50m section of raised platform required that the entire surface be broken down 300mm in the structural slab, new sections of fast set concrete installed and a sacrificial surface applied to leave the platform safe between shifts. This process was repeated nightly until the entire 300mm RVAR hump was removed and new copers and tactiles installed to the correct line and level. During a weekend closure, the
sacrificial surface was removed and a new 3mm asphalt surface laid to bring the platform back into use at the correct height for new ‘S’ stock trains. Hounslow East involved the Removal and replacement of Platform copers
along entire platform to include structural concrete as required and stainless steel undersail plates to support the copers in areas where the overhang was greater than the allowable dimension.

Spoortech worked closely with the client and Marshalls to develop a new combined coper and tactile with a contrasting aggregate which has now been adopted by LUL and NR and designated as a PC40 platform edge coper. This system minimises components and construction joints between coper and tactile and thereby minimising defects. Replacement structural concrete was PAREX and Spoor-Tech are approved installers with operatives that are trained to maintain site quality in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

A major restriction was that the raised platform area was to remain operational whilst it was removed, Our works were sequenced such that each nights production was left safe by installing a sacrificial surface with a minimal ramp and ensuring that there was no disruption to passenger service. No complaints were lodged throughout the duration of the project despite a temporary surface and platform lines between shifts.

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